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There Only Was One Choice
Letra de Harry Chapin

There's a kid out on my corner
Hear him strumming like a fool
Shivering in his dungarees
But still he's going to school
His cheeks are made of peach fuzz
His hopes may be the same
But he's signed up as a soldier
Out to play the music game

There are fake patches on his jacket
He's used bleach to fade his jeans
With a brand new stay-pressed shirt
And some creased and wrinkled dreams
His face a blemish garden
But his eyes are virgin clear
His voice is Chicken Little's
But he's hearing Paul Revere

When he catches himself giggling
He forces up a sneer
Though he'd rather have a milk shake
He keeps forcing down the beer
Just another folkie
Late in coming down the pike
Riding his guitar
He left Kid Brother with his bike
And he's got Guthrie running in his bones
He's the hobo kid who's left his home
And his Beatles records and the Rolling Stones
This boy is staying acoustic
There's Seeger singing in his heart
He hopes his songs will somehow start
To heal the cracks that split apart
America gone plastic

And now there's Dylan dripping from his mouth
He's hitching himself way down south
To learn a little black and blues
From old street men who paid their dues
Cause they knew they had nothing to lose
They knew it
So they just got to it

With cracked old Gibsons and red clay shoes
Playing 1-4-5 chords like good news
And cursed with skin that calls for blood
They put their face and feet in mud
But oh they learned the music from way down there
The real ones learn it somewhere

Strum your guitar
Sing it kid
Just write about your feelings
Not the things you never did
It once had cursed me
But your youth is no handicap
It's what makes you thirsty
Hey, kid you know you can hear your footsteps
As you're kicking up the dust
And the rustling in the shadows
Tells you secrets you can trust
The capturing of whispers
Is the way to write a song
It's when you get to microphones
The music can go wrong

You can't see the audience
With spotlights in your eyes
Your feet can't feel the highway
From where the Lear jet flies
When you glide in silent splendor
In your padded limousines
Only you are crying there
Behind the silver screen
Now you battle dragons
But they'll all turn into frogs
When you grab the wheel of fortune
You get caught up in the cog

First your art turns into craft
Then the yahoos start to laugh
Then you'll hear the jackals howl
Cause they love to watch the fall
They're the lost ones out there feeding
On the wounded and the bleeding
They always are the first to see
The cracks upon the walls
When I started this song I was still thirty-three
The age that Mozart died and sweet Jesus was set free
Keats and Shelley too soon finished, Charley Parker would be
And I fantasized some tragedy'd be soon curtailing me

Well just today I had my birthday -- I made it thirty-four
Mere mortal, not immortal, not star-crossed anymore
I've got this problem with my aging I no longer can ignore
A tame and toothless tabby can't produce a lion's roar

And I can't help being frightened on these midnight afternoons
When I ask the loaded questions -- Why does winter come so soon?
And where are all the golden girls that I was singing for
The daybreak chorus of my dreams serenades no more

Yeah the minute man is going soft -- the mirror's on the shelf
Only when the truth's up there -- can you fool yourself
I am the aged jester -- who won't gracefully retire
A clumsy clown without a net caught staggering on the high wire

Yesterday's a collar that has settled round my waist

Today keeps slipping by me, it leaves no aftertaste
Tomorrow is a daydream, the future's never true
Am I just a fading fire or a breeze passing through?

Hello my Country
I once came to tell everyone your story
Your passion was my poetry
And your past my most potent glory
Your promise was my prayer
Your hypocrisy my nightmare
And your problems fill my present
Are we both going somewhere?

Step right up young lady
Your two hundred birthdays make you old if not senile
And we see the symptoms there in your rigor mortis smile
With your old folks eating dog food
And your children eating paint
While the pirates own the flag
And sell us sermons on restraint

And while blood's the only language that your deaf old ears can hear
And still you will not answer with that message coming clear
Does it mean there's no more ripples in your tired old glory stream
And the buzzards own the carcass of your dream?

BUY Centennial
Sell 'em pre-canned laughter
America Perennial
Sing happy ever after

There's a Dance Band on the Titanic
Singing Nearer My God to Thee
And the iceberg's on the starboard bow
Won't you dance with me

Yes I read it in the New York Times
That was on the stands today
It said that dreams were out of fashion
We'll hear no more empty promises
There'll be no more wasted passions
To clutter up our play

It really was a good sign
The words went on to say
It shows that we are growing up
In oh so many healthy ways
And I told myself this is
Exactly where I'm at
But I don't much like thinking about that

Harry -- are you really so naive
You can honestly believe
That the country's getting better
When all you do is let her alone
Harry -- Can you really be surprised
When it's there before your eyes
When you hold the knife that carves her
You live the life that starves her to the bone

Good dreams don't come cheap
You've got to pay for them
If you just dream when you're asleep
There is no way for them
To come alive
To survive

It's not enough to listen -- it's not enough to see
When the hurricane is coming on it's not enough to flee
It's not enough to be in love -- we hide behind that word
It's not enough to be alive when your future's been deferred

What I've run through my body, what I've run through my mind
My breath's the only rhythm -- and the tempo is my time
My enemy is hopelessness -- my ally honest doubt
The answer is a question that I never will find out

Is music propaganda -- should I boogie, Rock and Roll
Or just an early warning system hitched up to my soul
Am I observer or participant or huckster of belief
Making too much of a life so mercifully brief?

So I stride down sunny streets and the band plays back my song
They're applauding at my shadow long after I am gone
Should I hold this wistful notion that the journey is worthwhile
Or tiptoe cross the chasm with a song and a smile

Well I got up this morning -- I don't need to know no more
It evaporated nightmares that had boiled the night before
With every new day's dawning my kid climbs in my bed
And tells the cynics of the board room your language is dead

And as I wander with my music through the jungles of despair
My kid will learn guitar and find his street corner somewhere
There he'll make the silence listen to the dream behind the voice
And show his minstrel Hamlet daddy that there only was one choice

Strum your guitar -- sing it kid
Just write about your feelings -- not the things you never did
Inexperience -- it once had cursed me
But your youth is no handicap -- it's what makes you thirsty, hey kid

Strum your guitar -- sing it kid
Just write about your feelings -- not the things you never did


There Only Was One Choice
Traducción de Harry Chapin en Español

Hay un niño en mi esquina
Escúchalo rasguear como un tonto
Temblando en su peto
Pero todavía va a la escuela
Sus mejillas están hechas de pelusa de durazno
Sus esperanzas pueden ser las mismas
Pero se inscribió como soldado
Fuera para jugar el juego de la música

Hay parches falsos en su chaqueta
Ha usado lejía para se desvanecen sus jeans
Con una camisa nueva que se mantiene planchada
Y algunos sueños arrugados y arrugados
Su rostro es un jardín de imperfecciones
Pero sus ojos son vírgenes claros
Su voz es Chicken Little
Pero está escuchando a Paul Revere

Cuando se sorprende a sí mismo riendo
Fuerza una mueca de desprecio
Aunque preferiría tomar un batido de leche
Sigue forzando la cerveza
Solo otro folkie
Tarde en bajar por la pica
Montando su guitarra
Dejó a Kid Brother con su bicicleta
Y tiene a Guthrie corriendo en sus huesos
Es el niño vagabundo que dejó su casa
Y sus discos de los Beatles y los Rolling Stones
Este chico se mantiene acústico
Hay Seeger cantando en su corazón
Él espera que sus canciones de alguna manera comiencen
A sanar las grietas que se separaron
América se volvió plástico

Y ahora está Dylan goteando de su boca
Se está haciendo autostop hacia el sur
Para aprender un poco de negro y blues
De los viejos callejeros que pagaron sus deudas
Porque sabían que no tenían nada que perder
Lo sabían
Así que lo hicieron

Con viejos Gibsons rajados y zapatos de arcilla roja
Tocando acordes 1-4-5 como buenas noticias
Y malditos con piel que pide sangre
Pusieron la cara y los pies en el barro
Pero, oh, aprendieron la música allá abajo
Los verdaderos la aprenden en alguna parte

Rasgueo tu guitarra
Cántala niño
Solo escribe sobre tus sentimientos
No las cosas que nunca hiciste
Una vez me maldijo
Pero tu juventud es sin desventaja
Es lo que te da sed
Oye, chico, sabes que puedes escuchar tus pasos
Mientras levantas el polvo
Y el óxido ling en las sombras
Te cuenta secretos en los que puedes confiar
La captura de susurros
Es la forma de escribir una canción
Es cuando llegas a los micrófonos
La música puede ir mal

No puedes ver a la audiencia

Con focos en tus ojos
Tus pies no pueden sentir la autopista
Desde donde vuela el Lear jet
Cuando te deslizas en esplendor silencioso
En tus limusinas acolchadas
Solo tú lloras allí
Detrás de la pantalla plateada
Ahora luchas contra dragones
Pero todos conviértete en ranas
Cuando agarras la rueda de la fortuna
Quedas atrapado en el engranaje

Primero tu arte se convierte en arte
Luego los yahoos comienzan a reír
Entonces oirás aullar a los chacales
Porque les encanta ver la caída
Son los perdidos que se alimentan
De los heridos y el sangrado
Ellos Siempre son los primeros en ver
Las grietas en las paredes
Cuando comencé esta canción todavía tenía treinta y tres años
La edad en la que Mozart murió y el dulce Jesús fue puesto en libertad
Ke Los ats y Shelley terminaron demasiado pronto, Charley Parker estaría
Y fantaseé que alguna tragedia pronto me acortaría

Bueno, justo hoy tuve mi cumpleaños, cumplí treinta y cuatro
Mera mortal, no inmortal, ya no está desamparada
Tengo este problema con mi envejecimiento que ya no puedo ignorar
Un atigrado manso y desdentado no puede producir el rugido de un león

Y no puedo evitar asustarme en estas tardes de medianoche
Cuando hago las preguntas cargadas - ¿Por qué llega el invierno tan pronto?
¿Y dónde están todas las chicas doradas que estaba cantando para
El coro del amanecer de mis sueños no más serenatas

Sí, en el momento en que el hombre se ablanda - el espejo está en el estante
Solo cuando la verdad está ahí - ¿Puedes engañarte a ti mismo?
Soy el bufón anciano, que no se retirará con gracia
Un payaso torpe sin una red atrapado tambaleándose en la cuerda floja

Ayer es un collar que tiene asentado alrededor de mi cintura
Hoy sigue deslizándome, no deja regusto
T el mañana es un sueño, el futuro nunca es verdad
¿Soy solo un fuego que se apaga o una brisa que pasa?

Hola mi país
Una vez vine a contarles a todos tu historia
Tu pasión fue mi poesía
Y tu pasado mi más potente gloria
Tu promesa fue mi oración
Tu hipocresía mi pesadilla
Y tus problemas llenan mi presente
Son ¿Ambos vamos a alguna parte?

Da un paso adelante, jovencita
Tus doscientos cumpleaños te hacen vieja, si no senil
Y vemos los síntomas allí en tu sonrisa de rigor mortis
Con tus viejos comiendo comida para perros
Y tus hijos comiendo pintura
Mientras los piratas poseen la bandera
Y nos venden sermones sobre moderación

Y mientras la sangre es la única lenguaje que tus viejos oídos sordos pueden oír
Y aún así no responderás con ese mensaje claro
¿Significa que no hay más ondas en tu vieja y cansada corriente de gloria
Y los buitres poseen el cadáver de tu sueño?

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